PptxMerge is FREE and easy to use online tool that allows you to merge and combine powerpoint files UPTO 2 (.PPTX) into one single (.PPTX) file. There is no need of installing any software, browser add-on or plugin for merging your Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations. It works seamlessly through all web browsers and keep source formatting retained during the pptx merge process.

Why does it still matter?

With our tool, you can merge all the slides of your Merge Powerpoint Presentations without losing slide content and layers. Each layer and the elements within the layers including: Images, Text boxes, Animations, Smart Graphics, Tables, or any other element are preserved in the merged presentation. Pptxmerge ensures a professional ppt creation while merging two different ppts to create a single piece.

Place Your Files Here

You can upload maximum 2 PPTX files of 5MB each.

How to merge PPT files
  1. Select up to 2 (.PPTX) files from your computer or drag them to the drop area.
  2. You can always change the order of how the slides are shown by changing the order in which the files are uploaded.
  3. If the first PPTX has 10 slides, then the first 10 slides in the output file will be of the PPTX uploaded in the first position.
  4. Your PPTX’s files can have as many slides as you wish.
  5. Once your files are uploaded and ready to be merged, simply click on the “START MERGING” button to generate the output file.
  6. Enter your email id to validate that you are a human being.
  7. Click SUBMIT and the merged PPTX file will be instantly downloaded to your device.
  8. Open the merged Powerpoint presentation to review if the conversion is as per your expectation.
The most secure way to merge PPTX’s
  • We utilize secure encryption servers to handle your files and merge them over the cloud.
  • The files are automatically delivered from our servers once the merge is complete and the file is delivered to you.
  • Data security is further ensured as the ppt files are automatically deleted from the server after they are merged and dowloaded by the user.
  • With Secure Socket Layers in place, your data always stay secure and hack proof.
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  • Contact us : info@pptxmerge.com